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After the death of Max FinlaysonLia Haddock questions whether or not to continue the program.

Transcription by /u/IcarusIEdit

Man's voice: You've reached APR's Limetown Tipline. Please leave a message.

Voicemail box: At the tone, please record your message. 

Woman's voice: I wanna say something to Lia Haddock. I don't know if my brother Kenneth is still alive, but I know he's a fighter. He was missing male number 135. I miss him every day, but I respect his need for secrecy. His safety is more important than your answers. If you find him, do not say one BLEEPing word to him. How dare you endanger the lives of these people for your silly, little radio show? I'll BLEEPing sue. 

Lia: This is Lia Haddock. The clip you just heard is a fair one. Since the death of Max, I have grappled with the central question of if I should continue. To be completely honest, I was very close to saying "No" and walking away. To say the least, this has taken a toll on me, my family, and everyone with whom I have spoken. But then I received a phone call from the one person who could convince me otherwise, Max Finlayson's ex-wife Deirdre Wells. She wants to tell her story ... And I owe her that. You'll hear our conversation on Monday.