A reporter for the Spartan Sentinel (which operates in Sparta, Tennessee- the same county as Limetown), Terry Hilkens was incredibly interested in the strange disappearances surrounding the settlement, likely due to his physical proximity to the town during its final days. He's been invested in the story "on and off'" for the better part of a decade. His interest on the topic leads to Lia Haddock interviewing him for the first episode of the podcast (Episode 1: What We Know). He discusses the cost, benefactors, layout and surrounding tunnel systems of the town, even escorting Lia to the heavily-protected grounds and giving her a tour of the empty streets.

During this tour, they are interrupted by a strange phone call from Terry's home line. (NOTE: Episode 1 ends here. Following information from Episode 3: Napoleon)

Distressed by the strange voice on the phone, Terry manages to contact his mother over the hijacked line and tells her and his father to leave the house immediately. He has not been heard from or mentioned since, and Lia is later heard estimating that he is either missing or dead.

Appearences Edit

  1. Episode 1: What We Know
  2. Episode 3: Napoleon