Let’s start at the beginning of human history, how’s that? 
One of the lead researchers in the Limetown experiments, Dr. Max Finlayson specialized in Molecular Psychology. He worked alongside Oscar Totem in Limetown, developing the secret technology that would eventually lead to the panic. He had the tech installed on himself, and later to his wife Deidre, though never to Sylvia, the young girl who lived with them. After his initial interview with Lia in Episode 4: DDOS, he is murdered (as he accurately predicted) by an unknown person or group, though the information introduced in Season Two implies it was likely the vicious assassin Daniel.

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Appearances Edit

  1. Episode 4: DDOS
  2. Episode 5: Scarecrow (mentioned)
  3. Episode 6: Cost-Benefit Analysis (mentioned)
  4. The central question (mini-episode, mentioned)