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Released: December 3, 2018

Duration: 2:26


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+39 days 5 hrs since Lia Haddock’s abduction.

Transcription by /u/thinkquaddy Edit

[VCR noises, technological whirring starting up]

[tape starts]

[bell dings twice, crowd cheering throughout] Mark: And we're back, Cortez here playing tight.

Bill: Mm.

Mark: But Rassmueller's coming in fast with a couple of body shots. 

Bill: Oh, but see how Cortez's legs are - they're too far apart, Mark,

Mark: Mm.

Bill: And he's pulling away from Rassmueller. He's too far away from him now to do any - and Rassmueller's looking to close to gap.

Mark: Yes, he is. 

Bill: Here we go!

Mark: And there it is! 

Bill: Oh, ho! That is it! 

Mark: The jab, the quick right hand from Rassmueller, and another, he's just punishing Cortez into the corner. 

Bill: Cortez being pushed back onto the ropes.

Mark: Whoa.

Bill: Hands up, look at him trying to defend, but he is - he is off balance. 

Mark: Wooh.

Bill: Rassmueller is just - he's just going to town here 

Mark: WHOA!

Bill: Another one 

Mark: Oh man! 

Bill: Oh!

[punching sounds]

Bill: He's gotta let him up, Mark

Mark: I think he might. 

Bill: He's gotta stop, there's something in his eyes. The ref's headed over.

Mark: You can see Rasmueller there, and now he's setting up another deadly right hook. You do not want to get in the way of that, Bill.

Bill: No way, Mark, you don't wanna. OH!

Mark: There it is, it's the right hook. And another! Starting to think this might be the end of the line for Cortez, is he gonna make it?

Bill: Rassmueller's just a warrior, Mark, and the champ's struggling just to stay on his feet. Crowd is going wild and oh...

Mark: Oh, wait, wait, wait, Cortez is fighting back. He's taking the fight off the ropes, he - he's pushing it back, he's pushing up and back. Unbelievable! Holy cow!

Bill: He's getting his feet back and they're throwing him to the center of the ring. Rassmueller is pressing him into the center of the ring, really doing damage now. Whoa! 

Mark: :Where did that come from? Hot right hand Cortez, upper cut, right to chin, and Rassmueller's stumbling, is he going to go down? I mean, Cortez is on him, he is on him.

Bill: WHOA! He's...holy cow, a sensational right hand knock out from Cortez and Rassmueller looks like he's not getting up. Is he getting up? He - he's not getting up, Mark, he's not moving.

Mark: [laughter] He's not getting up anytime soon. Somebody get that man a pillow and a blanket. 

Bill: Man, it's over. 

[bell dings three times]

[cheering stops]

[VCR, technology whirring down noises]