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Released: November 19, 2018 Duration: 04:25 Listen:

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+25 days 1 hr since Lia Haddock’s abduction.

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[tape plays]

Dr. Wyndall: Okay, Majda. I’m just going to need you to… talk with your mouth. Okay? And… just for the next little bit. No, n-no, no, I’m-I’m not listening! [nervous chuckle] Yes, I can hear you, I ju – I can see what you’re – well, see, I need to make a recording of this for th-the… [sighs] Can you – can you try to use your words? Actually, Karen – can you just help her take it out?

Karen: Take it out? [00:32]

Dr. Wyndall: Ye – well – we really need to use speech. Yes –

Karen: [sighs] She just really doesn’t like to take it out, even at night, it’s a struggle.

Dr. Wyndall: Uh, welllll, unfortunately, Majda, we have to –

Karen: See, you can feel her getting angry even at the suggestion!

Dr. Wyndall: [sighs] I know, I know, Majda, but please.

Karen: Okay, honey, honey. I-I’m gonna take it out for just a minute so Dr. Wyndall – Majda!

Dr. Wyndall: Good, good. What did – what –

Karen: Sorry…

Dr. Wyndall: What did – I didn’t – did – it must’ve been something just for you? Or –

Karen: No, no, no, she just, um, she said you’re not even a real doctor – I’m sorry, she’s only five – [01:01]

Dr. Wyndall: What?

Karen: I’ll try – oh, here – [Majda smacking her] Ow!

Majda: No, no, no, don’t take it out, I want it! Leave it! Don’t touch!

Dr. Wyndall: Majda, please, now, that’s not very nice. Don’t hit your mother.

Majda: [panting; hits something] You’re not nice! Mom’s not nice!

Dr. Wyndall: There we go. Thank you, Majda. Now, your mother, here, tells me you’ve been acting… a little bit strange. [01:36]

Majda: You don’t even like kids!

Dr. Wyndall: [laughs] What? Now, that’s not true.

Majda: Yes, it is, you don’t like kids, you’re not nice to them!

Dr. Wyndall: Majda, are you okay? Majda, take a deep breath. That’s it.

Majda: I’m tired… I want to go to sleep.

Dr. Wyndall: [to Karen] You said she hasn’t been sleeping. [02:00]

Karen: Not much this week, but I thought it probably – I mean – it might be because –

Dr. Wyndall: Mmhmm.

Karen: You know…

Dr. Wyndall: Yes.

Majda: I can hear you.

Dr. Wyndall: Are you having trouble sleeping, Majda?

Majda: Sort of…

Dr. Wyndall: What do you mean ‘sort of,’ dear?

Majda: I just don’t wanna go to sleep anymore.

Dr. Wyndall: Why don’t you want to go to sleep?

Majda: Because I don’t him to visit anymore.

Dr. Wyndall: Who? Someone comes to your room? Or is it someone you only see when you’re asleep? [02:34]

Majda: I don’t wanna say…

Dr. Wyndall: If it’s something you can see when you’re asleep, he can’t hurt you. You can tell me. I can help you make them go away, if you want.

Majda: He doesn’t want to go away.

Dr. Wyndall: What does he want?

Majda: I don’t know…

Dr. Wyndall: Are you sure you don’t know, Majda?

Majda: He wants us to do something.

Dr. Wyndall: [whispering] What? [03:00]

Majda: I’m not supposed to say.

Dr. Wyndall: Something bad? Like what happened last week?

Majda: It was an accident!

Karen: Majda –

Majda: I said I was sorry…

Dr. Wyndall: Your dad was really sick.

Majda: He said… he would be fine…

Dr. Wyndall: Well, he is fine. But he’s allergic to walnuts and you knew that, and you put them inside his breakfast.

Majda: No!

Dr. Wyndall: You hid them, Majda.

Majda: No, I didn’t!

Karen: Yes, you did, sweetie, remember? Daddy got sick, he’s okay now, he’s not mad at you, but he did get sick. [03:35]

Majda: He said he wanted to try them because he never tried them before.

Dr. Wyndall: Your father said that?

Karen: It’s okay, honey, you can tell the doctor.

Dr. Wyndall: Who said that, Majda?

Majda: Glass Joe.

Dr. Wyndall: Is Glass Joe the reason you don’t want to go to sleep?

Majda: I don’t know. [04:01]

Dr. Wyndall: Majda, I promise, I won’t tell anyone.

Majda: But you’re a liar. You lie to everyone.

Dr. Wyndall: Who’s Glass Joe, Majda?

Majda: [whispering] I am.

[tape stops] [04:25]