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Released: December 15, 2015

Duration: 1:31 


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Senior Vice President Gina Purri of American Public Radio releases a statement about reporter Lia Haddock’s previous broadcast.

Transcription by /u/jaimefeu Edit

Gina: My name is Gina Purri and I am Senior Vice President of American Public Radio. I worked closely with producer Mark Green and journalist Lia Haddock during Ms. Haddock’s investigation into Limetown. After yesterday’s broadcast, I am authorized to issue the following statement from APR. Our mission at APR is to further the public interest by reporting the highest quality news we can. For the sake of an investigation, Ms. Haddock met with a credible source for a live interview. Ms. Haddock has been missing since the broadcasting of this interview. We allowed one of our own reporters to put herself in a position of clear danger, and we allowed the live broadcasting of this event to the public. We were wrong, terribly wrong. We’re launching our own internal investigation into what decisions led to this segment being allowed on air, and all of those involved, including myself, will be held responsible. Furthermore, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an inquiry into Lia’s disappearance and apparent abduction. We are working closely with them, and all state and local law enforcement on the matter. More than anything, our thoughts are with Lia’s family and loved ones. And Lia herself. She was one of our own and we will do everything we can to bring her home. Please, pray for Lia Haddock.