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Released: September 26, 2015

Duration: 1:26


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A quick apology from American Public Radio's Lia Haddock.

Transcription by /u/IcarusI Edit

Lia: Hello. This is Lia Haddock, an investigative reporter with APR. This is a quick update of our investigation of Limetown. I will try to post these in realtime to keep you informed of what's happening in between our full episode releases. As most of you heard at the end of Part 2 -- and if you haven't yet, please do because none of this will make any sense otherwise -- I was, for lack of a better term, attacked in my hotel room by an obviously ... very sick man. Authorities were able to track him to a location where the loss of blood was significant enough to be fatal, however, his body could not be located. It is presumed the body was ... moved. Regarding the attack itself, we played in its entirety against the wishes of APR, for which I formally apologize on behalf of our team. I am sorry. In defense of our decision, however, we felt arrogant would let our attackers, as it is my belief that the man at my door did not act alone, know that we will not hide or allow their threats to go unreported. To be very clear, we will move forward. We've made contact with the next citizen of Limetown and our next update will hopefully be that conversation. Thank you for listening.